What is Rental?

Experience the finesse and excellence of MODENA products at a fraction of the cost with our rental program.

New unit owned by Modena
New unit owned by Customers
No hassle with the flexibility to change into new types when the rent is due
Changed into a new type with a trade-in or purchase
Free service
Service comes with a fee
Service finished in 24 hours
Service finished according to the schedule and available technician
Our Client Say

Jessica Fernata Wilyana Harper (Vera), 35

Housewife, Surabaya

I grew up around MODENA products, so it only made sense that when I married and I want to develop my own cooking skills although we move around a lot, that MODENA Rental was the perfect choice for me. Their quality cooking products and unique features are just what I need to build my confidence in the kitchen.

Daniela Riwan Tan (Daniela), 44

Housewife, Jakarta

Being confined in quarantine made me realize how I love cooking and baking, and that I needed more equipment at home! I’ve been using MODENA products for years, and when they told me I could RENT the things I need, I didn’t hesitate. The renting process was smooth, and I’m happily completing one cooking project after the other for my family.

Juno C. Moriarty (JC), 42

F&B Business Owner, Jakarta

The F&B business has never been an easy ring to box in, and that’s true even before the quarantine. I had to make sharp turns to save my growing business, and for that I needed more versatile, highly functional equipment with as little cost as possible. I’ve known about the brand for a long time, and the quality of the product is unquestionable, but I was very impressed at the service and how hassle-free it was to get started with MODENA Rental. MODENA Rental really saved me.

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