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Distributing Donations for Ambulance Crew, MODENA Strengthens Its Commitment to Support Medical Personnel

01 December 2020

Jakarta, Mei 9 2020

MODENA paid a visit to the Secretariat of the Indonesian National Nurses Association’s office, to distribute the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) packages to the medical health personnel tasked to treat COVID-19 patients, this furthers MODENA’s commitment to support medical personnel in fighting against the virus.

This time MODENA also distributes assistance to ambulance crews that are tasked in handling the mobility of COVID-19 patients, both for patients who need treatment at referral hospitals, as well as delivering patients who have passed away so that they can be buried immediately in accordance to predetermined protocols.

Located in the Ambulance Emergency Department of DKI Jakarta Health Office, MODENA symbolically handed over donations to the workers while also expressing their appreciation to the medical workers who have worked tirelessly to treat COVID-19 patients since early in the morning. 

“The responsibility that the Ambulance crew have is not just filled with health risks, but they are also hunted with time so that the patients can immediately receive treatment. Even then they have to be ready for patients who have already passed away. This made MODENA feel that we have to pay more attention to them. Their bravery and dedication deserves to be appreciated,” said Vina Julita Wijaya, Corporate Communication Senior Manager PT. MODENA Indonesia.

Vina further explains, this project is even more special because MODENA has also invited customers to take part to show appreciation to the medical workers. The donation that was given to the workers was from the sales of MODENA products made through an Instagram Live session that was held via their account @modenaindonesia a few weeks back. This was done in hopes that MODENA can create a sense of compassion, especially within these difficult times caused by the pandemic.

Solidarity for Affected Medical Workers

Not only for the ambulance crew, on the same occasion MODENA stated its commitment to provide assistance for nurses who were victims of COVID-19. Assisted by PPNI for the distribution process, the nurses' morning donation is expected to be a reminder that MODENA will always be ready to support medical personnel in carrying out their noble duties during a pandemic.

Not only that, MODENA has also distributed dozens of MODENA products for hospitals recommended by PPNI. This was done in hopes that the MODENA products can provide benefits to medical personnel while on duty in the hospital. "This contribution is a form of our solidarity with fellow medical personnel. We hope, by holding hands, together we can quickly get through this pandemic," concluded Vina.

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