What are your delivery terms and conditions?
  1. Your order can take up to 30 business days to be processed and delivered after you received confirmation email containing your order and receipt and OPPE form for offline purchases
  2. Unit installation request are able to be made in one business day after you received the unit 
  3. We are unable to proceed an exchange request for all purchased items
  4. Free gifts will be delivered separately from purchased items as long as available, we will send you a notice when we need to switch your gift with our available item.
How to track my parts and accessories order

After placing an order and payment on our website, we will send you a confirmation email regarding the detail order and payment status, then you can use MY MODENA feature to track your order process and history.

Can I request to change the model after purchase (e.g Size issues, Colour issues, material issues)?

Return product process are not eligible once you confirmed your order and finished payment.

Can MODENA hobs use Natural Gas?

Yes, all types have been equipped with additional nozzle, if you want to replace natural gas, only replace the particular nozzle.

What needs to be prepared for the Electric water heater installation?

Space for product, Power Source, Water Line, BRAVAPIPE.

How long is the product warranty valid?

All our products are covered by a 1-year warranty.

How do I claim product warranty?

Customers are required to show product warranty receipt/proof of purchase of the product.

When does the warranty period start?

Starting from the product purchased according to the date of purchase/proof of purchase.

My guarantee was rejected, why?

There are non-conforming terms, see details of warranty claim terms & conditions.

When the product is repaired, will a temporary replacement product be provided?

Depending on the type of damage and the necessary corrective action and depending on the stock availability at our warehouses.

What is a service campaign?

Our special program related with after sales services for all customers.