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MODENA Launched Limited Edition Water Heater in Collaboration with Christian Sugiono

Indonesia’s home appliances industry leader, PT. MODENA Indonesia officially launched its latest innovation in the water heater segment. Inspired by the luxurious charm of cut diamond, the Limited Edition Water Heater by Christian Sugiono represents MODENA’s commitment to fuse elegant design with cutting edge features.

For this special initiative, MODENA collaborated with accomplished public figure Christian Sugiono in the process of product design and development. Christian was actively involved in the new water heater’s design process, including product development team discussions where the diamond cut idea was eventually conceptualized. 

“Diamond design inspiration and Christian Sugiono is a perfect match to represent MODENA’s latest luxury product innovation. This definitely fits the profile of health conscious urban individuals who are concerned about the aesthetic interior of their homes, including in the bathroom,” according to Bagus Y. Prastowo, Direktur MODENA Indonesia.

Bagus explained that Christian Sugiono was chosen for this collaboration for his stellar achievements as one of Indonesia’s top actors, including his style and appearance, which are considered in line to represent MODENA. The brand emphasizes this combination through its latest limited edition water heater.

“MODENA is aiming to shift the public’s paradigm towards water heaters as merely a complementing component of a bathroom’s interior. Aside from its all-encompassing features, the limited edition series also comes with a luxurious design to improve the aesthetics of any bathroom,” Bagus continued.

MODENA launched this limited edition water heater in an unconventional manner. Launched in a special event that took the theme of Luxury In Style, this product was officially launched on board a yacht as it cruised the Bay of Jakarta at sunset. All this, of course, was conducted while adhering to every prevailing Covid-19 health protocols throughout the entire event, such as physical distancing, use of mask and face shields, and hand sanitizers made available at every turn.

Munarko, Product Marketing Manager PT. MODENA Indonesia, introduced the product and its unique diamond cut design at the front side of the water heater. An embossed diamond pattern added to the surface of the unit’s gray front panel infused a classy, opulent feel. Christian Sugiono imbued his signature at the center, giving the unit a unique character symbolizing the collaboration between MODENA and Christian. 

A highly aesthetic appearance is not the only selling point of MODENA’s new water heater. As a brand name championing constant innovation, MODENA products are always brimming with high-tech and sophisticated features, and the limited edition series is the latest example of this quality. These features also reflect MODENA’s consistency to support healthier lifestyle and create a smarter family living space. 

Limited Edition Water Heater by Christian Sugiono comes equipped with Ion Ag+ Antibacterial feature which slows bacterial growth, while Anti-Rust Magnihealth+ helps neutralize corrosive contents in the water to prevent rust. These two features ensure generation of cleaner, more hygienic water output. 

In addition to health, safety is also MODENA’s prime concern. With the inclusion of Electric Safety feature, which automatically breaks the current should an overload occur, consumers are protected against any electrical accidents. With no direct contact with water thanks to Porcelain Enamel on the inside of the water tank, the product guarantees leak free water tank for up to 10 years. 

This latest water heater series from MODENA offers two variants: gas and electric. The GI 0652 CS is a gas water heater which can operate with low water pressure, while the electric variant offers three types with different water capacity and sizes. The smallest, the ES 10 CS, has a 10L capacity; the ES 15 CS is slightly larger with a capacity of 15L; and the ES 30 CS offers the largest capacity at 30L.

Munarko explained that both variants within this new water heater series is part of MODENA’s dedication to reach wider consumer base by offering a large variety of energy usage. 

“We are giving more options for our Indonesian consumers. They may opt for the gas or electric variant depending on preference, especially since both options works at a very efficient level. We guarantee a worry-free experience for our consumers should they choose to use the Limited Edition Water Heater by Christian Sugiono in their contemporary home,” Munarko closed the statement.

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