About Us
Our History

The MODENA story began in the 1960s as one of the first manufacturers of the Cooker in the Emilia Romagna Region in Italy – a city known for its industrialism and design.

In the mid-1970s, MODENA invested heavily in R&D and Product Design, and pioneered new categories with the introduction of the Laundry and Refrigeration products. With rapid industrialization in the east and globalization, MODENA pushed to bring its Home Solutions to the other parts of the world.

Under the unified MODENA brand, in 1981, our Founder, Tomas Jizhar brought MODENA’s Manufacturing and Engineering Capabilities to Asia – the fastest growing region of the world.

Tomas Jizhar founded MODENA with the Mission of making lives easier with an extensive range of Home Solutions. Here at MODENA, we are driven each by our Vision to be a Driving Force towards an Interconnected World – envisioning the future of the Home and the World beyond. Supported with an innovative design studio in Italy, extensive R&D centers and manufacturing facilities across the world, our innovation pillars encompass Home, Commercial Equipment, Medical Products, Mobility Solutions, Renewable Energy and Aerospace.

Our Vision

To be a driving force towards an interconnected world

Our Mission

The ever-expanding range of MODENA products, whether for families at home or even for professionals in commercial establishments are engineered with passion to emphasize the human experience and to push all personal boundaries to the utmost of our ability. they are designed to be natural extensions of the human body in order to create a truly unrivaled experience.

The passion to change the world is what drives MODENA every day.

We take our pride for always putting our customers first

and the rewards that we take are the proof of our commitment to always give the best in solving your every problem.